There is no time like the present to preserve the past

Videotapes, Film Reels, Slides, and Photos are Slowly Fading Away Every Day

Playback devices are getting harder and harder to find. Just try to find and connect a VCR to a modern TV and you’ll see what we mean.

Fortunately, we have and maintain all of those legacy devices as well as the ability to get photos and documents off of old cameras, phones, internal computer hard drives and floppy discs. Let us help you save and enjoy all of your priceless memories in digital quality that can be enjoyed anywhere on any device.

Whatever the original source, we’ll help you transfer it into a digital format that’s sure to last a lifetime.

From first steps to first grade, vacations, ballgames, holidays, and weddings we make every moment in time come to life. See the faces, remember the places, and hear the voices.

All forms of media in a montage - Media Transfer Pros

Enjoy Your memories on Any Device

Computer and mobile device screens - Media transfer Pros

What We Transfer

VHS tapes transferred to mp4 in a stack for transfer-


We transfer all formats of videotape to MP4 or DVD

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Mini-DV, Beta

Transferred to MP4 on USB or DVD
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A stack of 35mm slides -


Mounted slides of all sizes scanned in high resolution to best quality jpg or tif

Mounted Slides of all Sizes

Slides oif all sizes are scanned to high resolution jpg or tif on USB
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3 blank DVDs -


Your personal DVDs transferred to MP4 files that can be viewed on any device

Home DVDs and Mini DVDs

DVDs are transferred to MP4 on USB and may be played back on any device
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Reel-to-reel-audio-tapes - Media Transfer Pros

Audio Reels

Audio reels up to 400' recorded at 1 7/8, 3 3/4, and 7 1/2 IPS

Audio Reels Up to 400'

Standard audio reels in either 2 track or 4 track transferred to MP3 on USB
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Larch stack of 33rpm record s -


Transfer your records to digital mp3 files and enjoy them anywhere

33, 45, and 78 RPM Records

Records are transferred to MP3 on USB or Audio CDs
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Small stack of colored floppy discs -

Legacy Storage

Retrieve your images and documents from old floppy discs and hard drives

Retrieve Images and Documents

Images and documents from legacy storage are transferred to USB drives
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The Media Transfer Pros Advantage

All Work is Done Locally

We NEVER send it away. All work is done right here in LaSalle, IL

View on Modern Devices

With digital formats such as MP4, your memories may be enjoyed on smart TVs, phones, tablets and computers.

Your Memories are Safe

We take care of all of your media as if it was our own. You will also get everything back.

Personalized Service

Have questions? Call us anytime at 815-228-2280 or email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Without getting too technical, MP4 is a portable digital video format that doesn’t require a disc of any kind. MP4 files can be easily put on a USB thumb drive and plugged directly into a smart TV. You may also easily make copies of MP4 files as well as upload them to cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox and more. Once uploaded, they can be viewed on phones or tablets at any time.

No. Each tape is transferred to its own DVD. You CAN however combine several MP4 files on a single USB drive. Imagine being able to plug a USB drive into your TV and being able to watch any video on the drive instantly! No more messing with discs. All of your videos are in one place.

Media transfers are priced  individually. Prices are shown on our intake form at TME but you are always welcome to call us with questions. There are no hidden fees and because the work is done locally, there are no shipping charges.

Prices for all media transfers are shown here on our website based on the type of media you have.

Bring everything to Technology Made Easy, 4309 Mahoney Drive in Peru, IL They’re located just south of Menards.

Smaller transfer projects should only take a few days. Larger projects with dozens of tapes or hundreds of slides, etc can take longer. If turnaround time is a concern, please call or text 815-228-2280 and we’ll give you our best estimate of delivery.

Absolutely! We take great pride in helping everyone understand the best ways to preserve and enjoy your memories. We’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have and promise to talk TO you, not AT you. 

We use a sprocketless direct to digital process. The film is digitized edge to edge so there is no cropping whatsoever. In addition brightness, contrast and color is adjusted to give you the absolute best possible playback.

Yes. It’s best to keep film, tapes, and slides separated in individual bags but that’s all the sorting yiou need to do.

We try our best to do that for you but can’t guarantee it. We typically sort photos by size and scan similar sizes in groups. Slides are scanned using a different process and resolution so they cannot be mixed with photos.

That said, photos and slides can be renamed on the USB drive using your computer.

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